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Pitch Grading

Pitch grading has long been mostly subjective based on the preferences and whims of the scout. PitchGrader allows a new concept we call "reference pitches". A reference pitch allows you to save pitches you choose as a reference and assign your own grade. Then, other pitches from any pitcher are graded based on the reference pitch you choose. There is no limit on how many reference pitches you can save. So for example, you might have several reference Curveballs saved. One might be for a true 12-6 curve with hard bite, another might be a harder 12-6 with less bite. You might also have different reference pitches for different body types, delivery types, etc.

Reference pitches also allow for our patent pending 3D Training, where a pitch is compared to a reference pitch. This allows you to for example, find out what's different about Joe Pitcher's curveball now and 2 months ago, or help Joe Pitcher develop a slider like Mike Pitcher. Our methods and processes show you in detail what's different about the pitches so you can target your coaching to reach your goal faster.

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Pro Level baseball tools

  • Pitch Analysis

    Data itself is not very useful unless it can be shown in a way that provides insights to either help win games or for Pitcher or Batter development.

    Knowing data such as spin rate, spin axis, horizontal release angle, and the many more data variables aren't very useful by themselves, even if graphing a few together. To us, that's 1D and 2D thinking. We go even further beyond with 3D thinking because we utilize from the dozens of data variables together as a whole to analyze the complete and exact flight path of the ball.

    Our 3D visualization tools allow you to see the flight path of the pitched or batted ball from any angle, purely from the raw data. We also have developed a way to derive a new data point for each pitch we call "Seams" which provides information about the seam orientation of the ball as it left the pitcher's hand.

    Our 3D visualization tools recreate the exact path of the pitch via a series of complex and precise physics calculations. This is unique and completely different than merely plotting the path of the ball with captured path points. Captured path points from sources such as video or Doppler radar systems are static and don't allow for a 3D pitch simulator. That's because they're merely like a photograph of how the ball moved, instead of the dynamically calculated path that can be measured and altered that PitchGrader does.

    Our 3D simulator models the baseball path to show the baseball moving along the path in real time, from any angle.

Analyze & Train

  • Pitcher and Batter Development

    Viewing the path of a saved pitch, or a whole plate appearance, in 3D provides insights not available in static 2D charts. 3D allows for a better understanding of the 3D release point, pitch tunnels, sequencing, and more. Whether you're trying to get a Pitcher back to a previous performance level for a particular pitch, or trying to help a Pitcher develop a particular pitch, you'll now make faster strides towards that goal with specific cues of exactly what needs to change. The same holds true for evaluating a Batter's plate appearance. Get a better sense of where the Batter's strong points and weak points are. Or recall a particular pitch that was hit well.

  • Testimonials

    PitchGrader is an unbelievable development tool that we use with both our pitchers and hitters. The possibilities are endless, we are still learning new ways that Pitchgrader can make our players better.

    Dan Heefner
    Head Coach
    Dallas Baptist University

    PitchGrader is a pitching development program that is second to none. It brings pitches to life in a visual setting that allows our players to understand what their "stuff" looks like and apply metrics to adjust. Development is our top priority, and Pitchgrader has helped us tremendously.

    Drew Thomas
    Pitching Coach
    Coastal Carolina University
    2016 D1 National Champions

    Pitchgrader is a must-have for any high level pitching coordinator. It has revolutionized the data-metric world of college and professional baseball. It has allowed us at Iowa to develop our pitching staff by utlizing 3D visualization tools, chart, and graphs. We're also able to make game to game adustments to our advance scouting reports.

    Scott Brickman
    Pitching Coach
    University of Iowa

    PitchGrader has great information in the course about pitch classification and pitch design. Great for coaches of all ages.

    Mack Jenkins
    MLB Pitching Coach

    PitchGrader quotes coming soon. Find out more about what coaches and scouts are saying about PitchGrader.

    Alexander Levitt
    Director of Baseball Operations
    Vanderbilt University

    Pitchgrader is an absolute game changer, providing a quick and easy way to draw meaning from data.
    The visuals are outstanding- whether it be viewing pitch shape, tunneling, or timing, the ability to see it dramatically increases the value of the data.

    Desi Dreuschel
    Director of Baseball Operations
    University of Iowa

    Pitchgrader’s Pro level baseball 3D analysis & simulation might completely change the way a pitcher and coach approach a bullpen, making it more efficient and wasting less time on trial and error tactics. Pitchgrader provides a deeper connection between data and application.

    Derek Johnson
    MLB Pitching Coach