• Doppler Radar: Recommended

  • Radar Data Files: Required

  • iPad: Required

  • internet Access: Recommended

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Top 25 D1 college early adopter beta testing teams include: Dallas Baptist University, Vanderbilt University, Coastal Carolina University. As well as MLB teams such as Brewers and Rangers.

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PitchGrader Testimonials

Pitchgrader takes Trackman's numbers and turns them into a picture that players can understand.
It is an unbelievable development tool that we use with both our pitchers and hitters. The possibilities are endless, we are still learning new ways that Pitchgrader can make our players better.
Dan Heefner
Head Coach
Dallas Baptist University

PitchGrader has developed a program for pitching development that is second to none. It brings pitches to life in a 3D visual way that allows our players to understand what their "stuff" looks like. It's the first program that has given them a "why" their pitch moves the way it does, and alows them to use that information to apply towards their development.
Development is our number 1 priority, and Pitchgrader has helped us tremendously.
Drew Thomas
Pitching Coach
Coastal Carolina University
2016 D1 National Champions

Pitchgrader has revolutionized the data-metric world of college and professional baseball. It has allowed us at Iowa to develop our pitching staff by utlizing 3D imaging, as well as other valuable charts, and graphs. We're also able to make game to game adustments to our advance scouting reports.
Pitchgrader is a must-have for any high level pitching coordinator.
Scott Brickman
Pitching Coach
University of Iowa

Pitchgrader is an absolute game changer for ball tracking devices. The interface and reports turn a spreadsheet into a quick and easy way to digest and draw meaning from the data.
The visuals are outstanding- whether it be viewing spin axis, pitch shape, tunneling, or timing windows, the ability to see it dramatically increases the value of the data.
Pitchgrader produces reports that are revolutionizing the use of baseball data for analysis, scouting, and development.
Desi Drueschel
Director of Baseball Operations
University of Iowa

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Early adopter teams include Dallas Baptist, Vanderbilt, Coastal Carolina, Arkansas Razerbacks, Iowa Hawkeyes, and MLB teams such as the Brewers and Rangers.

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